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Listings of Battle Honours in the Lineage Lists
  1. The pre-Great War (Egypt, South Africa) Honours in bold type are those which were traditionally borne on the Regimental Colours.
  2. The Great War Honours in bold type are those chosen by the Regiment to be borne on the Sovereign's Colour. The Army Order 470 of 16th December 1922 laid down that ten Great War Honours would be selected to be added to those borne on the Regimental Colours. This was amended within a month to allow these Honours to be borne on the Sovereign's Colour. It was noted that the Honours chosen would be the same for all units comprising the Regiment concerned.
  3. For WW2 a similar order was made allowing ten Honours to be borne on the Sovereign's Colour (or appointments). These again are shown in bold type.
  4. The awarding of the Great War Honours was made in 1924/25, by which time some Regiments had already amalgamated. The choice of ten selected Honours may not have been the same for each of the previous Regiments, but on amalgamation they were required to select a new ten Honours. For The London Regiment this affected the 7th and 8th London Regiment; and the 15th and 16th .
  5. The WW2 Honours were not granted until more than ten years after the end of the war (1957/58).
  6. Some Honours which appear in early Army Lists for some reason are not shown in later lists. This appears to be the case for the 5th (City of London) Battalion, The London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade). These Honours are shown in the Part 3 with [  ]. For those added later, they are shown in the Part 3 with (  ).
  7. After WW2 two London Regiments were awarded honorary distinctions for their war service, even though they served in an arm of the service to which Battle Honours are not customarily awarded. When they were subsequently converted back to a role which carried Standards, Guidons, Colours, or displayed Honours on Regimental Appointments, they were able to display these honorary distinctions. These distinctions were:

The City of London Yeomanry (Rough Riders)
A Royal Artillery Badge with year dates '1942-1945' with two scrolls 'North Africa', 'Italy'

The 23rd London Regiment
A Royal Tank Regiment badge with year dates '1941-1945' , with three scrolls 'North West Europe',
'North Africa', 'Italy'