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London Unit Colours with an unusual history


Colours of the 8th (Volunteer) Bn The Queens Fusiliers (City of London)zoom_in



The 8th (Volunteer) Bn The Queen’s Fusiliers (City of London) was formed in 1986. Proposals were put forward for a set of Colours incorporating the  battle honours of both regiments. However, It was directed that if Colours were presented, then they would conform to those of the Queen’s Regiment. A design was produced by the College of Arms. However, the battalion was not in existence long enough to be presented with colours.


Colours of 8th Bn The Middlesex Regimentzoom_in



In 1947 the 8th Bn the Middlesex Regimen (DCO) (TA) was converted to the airborne role as the 11th Bn the Parachute Regiment (Middlesex) TA. Accordingly, the Colours of 8th Middlesex were handed over to 11 PARA at a ceremony on Wednesday 15th October 1947 where they remained until 11PARA reverted to 8th Middlesex on the disbandment of 16 Airborne Division in 1956.


Colours of 7th (City of London) Bn The London Regzoom_in



7th (City of London) Bn the London Regiment Colours were laid up in the Battalion church of St Botolph-Without-Bishopsgate 1965 but removed by persons unknown in or around 2010. These colours re-appeared later at ARC Grove Park, framed and mounted in the drill hall. The empty plinth remains in the Battalion Church.



Colours of Princess Louise's Kensington Regimentzoom_in



The Colours of the princess Louises Kensington Regiment were presented in 1908 at Windsor Great Park. With a change of arm in 1947 they became Royal Signals. However the Colours were not laid up until 2019. Up until 2014 the colours were p[araded with a Royal Signals Colour Party on appropriate occasions.


Colours of 17th (County of London) Battalion The London Regimentzoom_in



The 17th (County of London) Bn The London Regiment (Poplar and Stepney Rifles) were not presented with Colours in 1908. However, whilst on active service in France their Commanding Officer presented his battalion with a Colour that he designed and financed. The colour displays the battle honour ‘South Africa’ and is framed and mounted in the Regimental Chapel in St Marys Church Bow E3 3AH Church


Colours of The London Regimentzoom_in



Todays London Regiment was formed in 1993 and colours were presented in 1995 at the Duke of York’s Headquarters’. Within the Roundels are four swords representing the four Rifle Companies whose badges appear on the Regimental Colour. Neither the Queen’s or the Regimental Colour carry any Battle Honours.


Colours of 10th (County of London) Battalion The London Regimentzoom_in



The 10th (County of London) bn The London Regiment (Hackney)were presented in 1921 complete with WW1 Battle Honours. However, the colours shown were auctioned in 2019 with the dates given as 1912 – 1920 and appear correct in every detail except here are no fringes and do not appear to have been have been mounted on staffs. Why they were never used is a mystery.