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Reorganisation of London Units 1971-1975
  1. The Territorial units of the Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve had a short existence, for in 1969 they were placed on a care and maintenance basis and reduced to cadres.
  2. In 1971, however, the Territorial cadres of The Greater London Regiment, Royal Artillery; and of The London and Kent Regiment Royal Artillery; and the 6th and 10th Battalions The Queen's Regiment, together with the cadres of The Surrey Yeomanry Royal Artillery, were revived to form an additional Volunteer Battalion ( 6th ) of The Queen's Regiment. In 1975 this Battalion was amalgamated with the 7th (which had its origins in the Territorial Battalions of The Buffs, The Queen's Own Royal West Kent and The Royal Sussex) to form the 6th / 7th Battalion, The Queen's Regiment.
  3. The 5th (Territorial) Battalion of The Royal Green Jackets ceased to exist in 1969 except as a cadre, which was re-named Royal Green Jackets London; and The London Scottish reduced to a cadre their company in The London Yeomanry and Territorials. Both these cadres were disbanded in 1975.
  4. In 1975 the successors of The London Regiment stood as follows: Royal Corps of Signals:
    1908 London Regiment Battalion
    13, 25
    31st (Greater London) Signal Regiment (Volunteers)
    The Queen's Regiment:
    3, 6, 22, 23
    5th (Volunteer) Battalion
    3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 14, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
    6th / 7th (Volunteer) Battalion
    The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers:
    1, 2
    C (City of London) Company, 5th (Volunteer) Battalion
    The Royal Irish Rangers:
    D (London Irish Rifles) Company, 4th (Volunteer) Battalion
    The Royal Green Jackets:
    5, 9, 12, 15, 16
    4th (Volunteer) Battalion
    1st Battalion, 51st Highland Volunteers:
    G (London Scottish) Company
    21st Special Air Service Regiment (Artists) (Volunteers)
  5. Of the original 26 Battalions of The London Regiment only the 28th (Artists Rifles) survived as a Battalion.
  6. Five of the original Battalions, however, represented the major component in 4th Royal Green Jackets, as did the two in 31st Signal Regiment. Four of the original Battalions of The London Regiment retained their identities as Companies in The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, The Royal Irish Rangers and 51st Highland Volunteers. 13 of the original Battalions descended to become part of two volunteer Battalions of The Queen's Regiment.